HDMI 1.4 4-In 2-Out Repeater with MHL, ARC and OSD EP9452

2014-03-03 (星期一) 16:42:30

EP9452 is a HDMI 1.4 4-IN 2-OUT Repeater with MHL, ARC and OSD which is suitable for Switch Box, TV with PIP/POP and AV Receiver applications. The chip supports 1 HDMI/MHL input port (RX0), 3 HDMI input ports (RX1, RX2, RX3) and 2 HDMI output ports (TX0, TX1). The chip supports 4 HDCP RX ciphers and 2 HDCP TX ciphers. With 4 HDCP RX ciphers the chip supports very fast port switching without the need to redo HDCP authentication when port switching occurs. This feature is referred to as Instant Port Switching (IPS). The chip also supports 4 ports of on-chip EDID RAM to save system cost.