Explore announces the new SRE technology for 4K2K solution

2014-03-10 (星期一) 16:41:56

Explore Microelectronics Inc. is pleased to announce the new technology—SRE for 4K2K
video scaling. SRE means “Super Resolution Engine”, it is developed by Explore to generate
a real 4K2K image with detail from the 1080p video. User can get a better 4K2K image quality through the devices adopt Explore SRE solution.
EP91Z3K(E) support 1 in and 2 out solution, EP92A4E supports 3 in and 1 out solution.
Please contact our sales division for more details.

1.No Distortion to the source video, preserve the original 1080p pixels.
2.Smart interpolation method which re-build the detail of source image.
3.Rebuild the Edges in 4K2K resolution to reduce the jagged effect in 1080p video.
4.Clean Edge, without overshoot undershoot side effect.
5.Low Noise, no add on noise to the smooth background.
6.Extra adjustable adaptive Noise Reduction filter which can provide smoother images.
7.Extra adjustable adaptive Sharpness filter which can provide sharper images.