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Part Number:EP269


The EP269 is a high performance 450 Mhz Dual Link DVI receiver with HDCP and 4 ports LVDS outputs. The chip is compliant with DVI Revision 1.0 specification and HDCP 2.0 specification. The chip supports display resolution up to 450 M pixels/second. The on-chip LVDS transmitter is capable of transmitting data at 165 M pixels/second each port. The LVDS outputs can be configured as 2-port outputs or 4-ports output. Data output sequence can also be configured as Sequential mode or Left-Right mode.
The on-chip Link On detection circuit will power down the DVI receiver and LVDS transmitter when there is no valid DVI input signals received. A Secondary Link Active detection circuit will configure the chip to operate at Dual Link mode or Single Link mode automatically.


•Dual Link DVI Receiver capable of receiving data at 450 M pixels/second
•4 Ports of LVDS Transmitter capable of transmitting data at 165 M pixels/second each port
•DVI specification 1.0 compliant
•HDCP specification 2.0 compliant
•Link On detection and Auto Power Down control
•Auto detection of Single-Link or Dual-Link operation
•Selection of 2-Port or 4-Port LVDS outputs
•Selection of LVDS data output sequence in Sequential mode or Left-Right mode
•LVDS ports swappable for easy PCB layout
•PLLs require no external components
•High skew tolerance: 1 full input clock cycle for inter-channel within a link plus 1 full input clock cycle between links
•Low current consumption in Power Down mode
•Link On detection output
•Secondary Link Active detection output
•External EEPROM interface for Configuration and/or HDCP keys download
•128-pin LQFP