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Part Number:EPF011C


EPF011C is an HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and EDID controller. The chip receives commands from Host (the main MCU) through IIC interface and handles CEC services for Host. CEC is a mechanism that provides high-level control functions between all of the various audiovisual products in an user’s environments. CEC is specified in Supplement 1 in HDMI specification. EPF011C is compliant with HDMI 1.3b CEC specification. EPF011C effectively reduces the loading of Host and provides an ideal and quick CEC solution.

EPF011C-T also supports 256 bytes on-chip EDID EE and provide DDC interface. User can pre-program the EDID contents into the on-chip EDID EE without the need of using a dedicated EDID EE chip to save system cost.


• HDMI 1.3b CEC Specification Compliant
• Support full CEC features for TV or HDMI Source applications
• On-chip 256 bytes EDID EE with DDC interface
• Support both Protocol Level and High Level CEC services
• Handles CEC message receiving/transmission and signalling
• Handles CEC arbitration
• Handles CEC Flow Control and Frame Re-transmissions
• Handles CEC Frame Validation
• CEC Line Error Detection and Handling.
• Uses IIC interface to communicate with Host
• Support Interrupt to Host
• Support Standby for power saving
• Support Wake-up by CEC and Host from Standby
• Provides 4/10 programmable GPIO pins which can be used as Hot Plug control or other purposes
• Consumer Infra-Red Receiver (CIR) which supports NEC and Phillips RC-5/RC-6 protocols
• Single 3.3V CMOS Design
• 24-Pin SSOP (Pb-Free)