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Part Number:EPF021


EPF021 is a low cost high performance Keyboard Controller suitable for Note Book PC applications. The chip integrates 80515 core, 64KB embedded Flash, 256 + 3KB RAM, Timer, Watchdog Timer, Serial Port, 8-bit PWM, SPI, SMBUS, PS/2, Fan Tachometers, 10-bit ADC, LPC, USB 1.1, Remote Decoder, Keyboard Interrupt and GPIO in a single chip.


•On-chip 80515 core with 64K bytes Flash, 256 bytes Direct RAM and 3K bytes on-chip auxiliary RAM
•Fast CPU rate (24Mhz). 41.6 ns for shortest instruction
•Programmable CPU clocks from 24 Mhz to 500 Khz
•Programmable crystal start-up cycles from 0 to 4096 cycles
•Supports Idle mode and Stop mode for power saving
•Supports crystal/CPU wake-up from Stop mode
•Supports In Circuit Flash programming (ICP)
•Supports 8 external interrupts
•Supports keyboard interrupt on 8 GPIO pins
•On-chip 4 Timers supporting Timer, Pulse Output, Event Counter and Pulse Width Measurement modes
•On-chip 15-bit programmable Watchdog Timer
•On-chip Serial Port which supports Synchronous mode and 8/9-bit UART modes
•On-chip Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
•On-chip 8 channels of 8-bit PWM with programmable repetition rate
•On-chip 2 channels of Fan Tachometers
•On-chip 8 channels of 10-bit ADC
•On-chip 2 SMBUS ports with configurable pin outs
•On-chip Low Pin Count (LPC) module for host interface
•On-chip USB 1.1 which supports end-pint 0, 1 and 2
•On-chip 2 channels of hardware PS/2 interface
•On-chip Consumer Infra-Red Remote Receiver (CIR) which supports NEC and Phillips RC-5/RC-6 protocols
•Support 10 General Purpose I/O Ports (total 80 I/O pins). Among them, 7 ports are open-drain programmable, two ports have 20 mA sink capability and 1 port (Port 9) supports By-Pass feature. All I/O ports are 5V tolerant
•Timer, SPI, PS2, ADC and LPC pins can be additional GPIO if the associated function is not enabled
•On-chip Low Voltage Inhibit (LVI) circuit which provides reliable power up reset and prevent accidental data loss in Flash
•Single 24 MHz crystal required
•Single 3.3V CMOS design
•128-pin LQFP package (Pb-Free)