Part Number:EP9169E


EP9169E is an 8-lane cLVDS transmitter with 6GHz HDMI 2.0 Receiver. cLVDS is a super high speed LVDS technology developed by Explore. The HDMI RX also supports HDCP 1.4 / HDCP 2.2 Decryption Engines. The chip supports Audio Outputs in IIS and SPDIF. The chip supports SD/HD Audio and HD/3-D/4K2K Video up to 60 Hz frame rate.
The chip is also integrated with an eFlash MCU to make user’s applications very easy.


•On-chip HDMI Receiver which is compliant with DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 specification
•On-chip HDCP RX ciphers which are compliant with HDCP 1.4/2.2 specification
•Wide Frequency Range: 25MHz - 600MHz
•Supports 1 DVI/HDMI input port and up to 8 Lane cLVDS Output
•Supports 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit Deep Color Full HD, Full 3D and 4K2K 60Hz video
•Support 3-byte, 4-byte, and 5-byte Data Packing mode in cLVDS transmitter
•Programmable 1-lane, 2-lane, 4-lane or 8-lane cLVDS outputs
•Support on-chip 512 bytes E-DDC EDID RAM for input port.
•Supports Color Space Conversion from YUV (422 or 444) to RGB (444).
•Supports Color Space Conversion from RGB (444) to YUV (444).
•On-chip Audio Decoder which support 8-channel IIS/DSD and SPDIF audio outputs
•Supports Standard Audio, DSD Audio and HD (HBR) Audio
•Supports audio soft mute
•Supports Test Pattern Generation Function.
•Controllable tri-state for Audio output pins
•On-chip eFlash MCU with integrated HDCP keys and EDID memory
•1.3V and 3.3V power required
•Supports Power Down Mode
•128-pin LQFP EPAD package


Block Diagram