MIPI > LVDS Bridge

Part Number:EP172


EP172 is a 4-lane MIPI to 2-port LVDS bridge. The chip supports 2-lane or 4-lane MIPI-DSI input and single-port or dual-port LVDS output. The chip is compliant with MIPI-DSI 1.02.00 specifications. The chip converts input video data in 2-lane/4-lane MIPI-DSI format to single-port/dual-port LVDS outputs. The chip supports 8-bit video input up-to 1080p 60Hz. The chip supports 6/8-bit video output up-to 1080p 60Hz.



•MIPI-DSI Specification 1.02.00 Compliant
•Support 2-Lane or 4-Lane MIPI_DSI input up to 1.0 Gbps per lane
•Support Single-Port or Dual Port LVDS output up to 150 MHz per port
•Support 8-bit video input up-to 1080p 60Hz.
•Support 6-bit or 8-bit video output up-to 1080p 60Hz.
•Programmable DE/HSYNC/VSYNC generation
•Support 2 LVDS Data Maps
•Support LVDS Port Swapping
•Support Pin control without the need of MCU
•Provide IIC Slave interface for enhanced control through MCU
•Supports Power Down Mode
•3.3V and 1.8V power required
•64-pin LQFP in 7mm x 7mm body size


Bloack Diagram