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Part Number:EP102C


EP102C is a 6/8-bit LVDS receiver capable of receiving LVDS inputs at 85 Mhz clock rate. The chip converts the LVDS differential inputs into 18/24-bits RGB data outputs and 3 control outputs (Vsync, Hsync & DE). In 18-bit RGB applications, the 6-bit data can be output left or right justified from the 8-bit data output pins.


•Wide operating frequency range: 28 ~85 Mhz pixel rate
•Wide channel skew tolerance: 1/3 bit time
•Selectable left or right justified in 6-bit data output.
•No external components required
•Power Down Mode
•Single Power Supply (3.3V)
•Low profile 56 Lead TSSOP Package (Pb-free)