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Part Number:EP103B


The EP103B LVDS transmitter supports transmission between the host and the flat panel display up to SXGA+ resolutions. The transmitter converts 25 bits (8-bits/color, 2 dummy bits) of Low Voltage TTL data and 3 control bits into 4 LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) data streams. At a maximum input clock rate of 135MHz, each LVDS differential data pair speed is 945Mbps, providing a total throughput of 3.78Gbps. The transmitter can be configured to input clock rising edge or falling edge strobe through an external pin.


The EP103B includes the following distinctive features:
•Support 10MHz to 135MHz clock rates for HVGA to SXGA+ resolution
•Up to 3.78Gbps bandwidth
•PLL requires no external components
•Cycle-to-cycle jitter rejection
•3.3V to 1.8V Low Voltage TTL tolerant Input
•Programmable data and control strobe selectV •Power down mode supported
•BGA package (4.5mm x 7mm)